14 January 2018

In Dreams

And I lay down, to sleep, to dream, of icy rivers sunk in caverns so deep, the waters were black; of shadows that hovered in the rock, whispering my name as I drifted past; of soft, haunting cries that came from above, so high, so out of sight, I knew not what called.... and I dreamed, seemingly endlessly swept along in the cold, echoes and ghosts dogging my passage, like weary voices on the wind... 

14 May 2017

Forged In Fire

Make me glass
So that when I break,
I shatter.
So that there are no pieces to pick up and put back together.
So that I may place myself in fire,
Melt me down, redesign me,
Return whole, polished and new,
Without cracks
Or lines of glue.

13 May 2017

She Loves

She loves steel and glass, and worships trees.
She loves glossy magazines and handmade couture,
And wears black.
She loves dark stormy nights because they won't let her sleep.
She loves caravans when they're parked outside.
She loves tiny houses and wants to live in a warehouse.
She loves mirror balls and dance music,
and doesn't like neon.
She loves pop artists and post-modern expressionism,and is inspired by Michelangelo.
She loves men who thrive in their solitude, and own the crowd.
She loves women that don't make comparisons.
She loves passion and desire, and romance and laughter, and walks through life alone.
She loves the darkness because shadows have secrets.
She loves the light because she blinds herself.
She loves truth and beauty, the imagination and knowledge.
She loves childhood and innocence, because she has seen too much.
She loves fantasy because it explains reality.
She loves love, despises cruelty, and knows they travel hand in hand.
She adores nature, and lives in the city.
She loves silver, because it is beautiful, hard, made in darkness, and reflects the light.....

14 March 2017


You, to me, are like rain in the night.

I want to lie awake just to hear the sound of your voice.

19 January 2017


You crave something pure. 
It doesn't matter what it is, just something pure. 
Whether it be creation, destruction, love, indifference, fear, peace, 
you wanted it to have purity. 
It drives you crazy, 
it lends itself to your brokenness. 

And when you can't find it, 
you think you're going insane. 
You think the world turns against you, 
that it is persecuting you, 
taking you away from real happiness, real fulfilment.  

Yet all it ever was, 
was your desire, 
your need, 
your endless ambition for something pure.

You are not broken. 
You are simply living in fragments.