27 November 2008

It's all about cows.....

To stand in the backyard, on a clear starry night, fresh air filling your lungs..... and then, from some unknown corner of the darkness, a god-awful groaning rends the air as if the very earth is ripping apart from the inside out - your hair stands up on end and you start asking yourself if you should call emergency services, start peering warily into the night while involuntarily calling up every horror film you have ever seen, wondering if you are about to be attacked by zombies, some alien monster or perhaps a cyborg warrior from the future - and irrationally begin looking over your shoulder because the victim always gets it from behind, when finally.....

You are informed that it's mating season for the cows and what you are listening to is the bovine music of love.

Cows making love in the moonlight.

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