31 December 2009

Your Way

Many paths walked
And avenues wandered,
Problems I've solved
And puzzles I've pondered.
A life lived in answers,
But the questions unknown,
The journey is endless
When you continue to grow.

Eagles have eyes,
But the present cannot.
When none know your history
They don't know what you've got.
What you've earned with your efforts
What you've paid to pave the way.
Who you are from your learning,
Where you've been in your day.

Take a page from your future,
Know your ways with a smile,
For where you travel next,
Only you know the miles.
And for the blind present
That knows nothing of you -
It is their disadvantage
When they assume what is true.

13 December 2009

A Memory

You sit like a thorn in my mind,
You ache like a muscle torn,
You moan like a whore at work....

The night is clear as day,
My dark friend went away,
Music brought me absolution....

Weave a spell for unbelievers,
Tell a story like a seizure,
Give 'em hell for secrets hidden.....

Trapped and born, wrapped in scorn,
Lit by blazes, warped by hazes,
Your throat is now my trumpet.....

You were always on the stage,
Unwashed and slightly dazed,
For your mind remains a maze.....

Hellbent fury, sound and violence,
Never visited by silence,
It is your sound that heals your world.

20 November 2009

The Storm

A restless heart beats in the night,
A lonely hand scratches with a pen in silence.
Quiet candles softly flicker in the gloom,
And a clock ticks dreadfully,
Beats time sinfully,
A word turns to an image of doom.

Wandering eyes search dark corners
Turning inward, seeking phrases,
Fettered by letters and a marching mind,
And the rain starts painfully,
Thunder rolls disdainfully,
And the rhythm of the darkness is unkind.....

"Dear Mum,
The power is out again due to another storm...."

29 October 2009

In The Desert

Wandering through the desert dunes,
Winds shifting the sands,
Making roads with its hands;
I burned for water,
As the sun burned my shadow,
And dust felted my mouth,
While heat turned me hollow -

Mirage teased my eyes,
Sought more water for tears,
Yet I walked on for years,
I broke the silence
And howled at the moon
I was swallowed by darkness
A moment too soon.

08 September 2009



The sky grew dark,
The light grew dim,
And only stars could see
The world turned blue,
With twilight hue
Around the lonely tree.

The water stair
Flowed without care
As silence hurt the night.
Knowing by day
The world would awake,
And be restored by light.


21 August 2009


Sweet moon, fail now to dog my steps
As I blunder in darkness,
Stumble and stagger,
Weaving your light blinds me to madness.

Let your rays fall onto oceans and deserts,
Forests of treetops,
Fields of long grasses,
Not on the road that I must now travel.

Bring me the shadows that I know as home,
Candles and muses,
Paintings and incense
Light should not follow me as I roam.

Next time I won't drink the cab fare....

13 August 2009

Sorrowful Heart

Sorrow broke the savage heart,
For denied was it to thee,
And rage was caught all unawares,
Within a dying sea.
Mirth could not give it succour,
Nor pity mend the jagged tears,
And nor could the stars of darkened night
Bewitch to light the hopeless stares.

No breath of wind could move the weight,
No blow could break its hold,
And stillness rocked the heart to sleep,
And dreams of bitter cold.

One day I'll find my hairdryer again....

29 July 2009

Beyond Time

Broken words lay scattered on the floor,
Shards of glass from the clock
Lay weeping by the door.
I opened the gate and swept all bare,
For there was no way out
With all that lying there.
Rain came and washed away the night.
I slept with heavy heart
Yet awoke with no regret.

A fresh page, unending lines,
This time the poem is all mine.
No hour leaves my sight again,
No minute wasted by the pen.
The book I write has truth for its spine
Bound and tempered beyond time,
And I shall rest here in its pages,
Without the sorrow of the ages.

Past and present are within.
Only the future begins again.

13 July 2009

My Wave

It's a big ocean.
As my wave carries me out to sea,
Away from the shore,
Away into the biggest blue,
I can hear the world turn to water.
Nothing but the restless tide,
Flowing in, flowing out.
Here, I am alone.
Without doubt or fear,
Without false hope or
Broken dreams.
Waves crest and roll around me,
Yet the wave I ride is my own.
Ebb and flow, I roll on with the ocean,
No need to remember,
No fear to lose again,
For here, I am as the water;

For home is where the heart is.

02 July 2009

I Need You

Close to me.
So close that I will know you.
Cover me.
I want to know a world inside of you.
Surround me.
That the infinite around me is of you.
Talk to me.
So the voice inside my mind is you.
Believe me.
I need you because I love all that is you.

I love thunderstorms.

23 June 2009

I Promise....

Fear not, I am here beside you
Ever faithful, ever loyal,
I shall abide here by you,
And keep my heart for you.
Keep your freedom and its echoes,
As you delve into your sorrows,
For the day you find tomorrow,
You will find the limits you love.

Keep forever walking
On the roads that will not find you,
Let your loneliness remind you
What you yourself forsook.
Let the past become your leader
For it is all you ever trusted,
When you're broken, bent and rusted,
Look around you, I'll be there....

Right after I tour Europe...

11 June 2009

Remorse for My Loss

Pain, enduring heartache,
For that which was loved, is still loved
Is lost.
Memories and burdens of the past
Mingle in tears shed
Raining down on fragments and shards
Of my beloved,
A passion-filled bond, a union without measure
And in a moment, all has been broken.
Guilt strikes me like a blow,
And all that I revered
Now lies shattered at my feet.
In a time of complacency,
I broke faith with my love.
Where once my lips were touched
With a blessing, a scent that inflamed me,
All is now derision and blame,
All is now pieces and shame,
All is now ended.

And it was my favourite colour lipstick too...

25 May 2009

Beyond My Control

Lover, sit before me where I can see your soul
Challenge me with saddened eyes,
Bend beneath your burdened mind
And hold before you the heart of the world.
Trick me with your broken chords,
Tie my thoughts with care and woe
And bring to my gaze the agony,
The chaos loose that I cannot end.
Trouble me with your hurt and
Clench the fists of my rage
For I would seek to destroy
That which could hurt you.
I would seek to destroy
That which would punish you.

Can I get you another coffee?

16 May 2009

Twilight At The Harbour

Violet covers the moon in an early sunset,
While grey begins to cover the sea,
And the white caps of the breakers
Are all that is left to show the waves.
Coarse sand shifts in the twilight
Where footprints led to the cliffs,
And a lone dog barks in the distance
As the ships slowly move into night....

Anyone know how to light this barbeque?

07 May 2009

A Little Ditty

To be sung to Barry Manilow's CopaCabana....

'Her name was Lola
She was a show cow,
With yellow flowers in her hair,
And a tail right down to there,
She could meringue,
And do the cha cha
While she tried to be a star,
She didn't see the coming car,

The car was red and black,
And Lola stared right back
There was a scream behind the wheel
As it drove off-track

In Wodonga, oh yes Wodonga,
Home of the biggest sa-le ya-rds
In the southern hemisphere,
In Wodonga, oh yes Wo-dong-a,
Music and mooing
Are so time consuming
In Wo-dong-aaaa
Don't be a cow......

Dedicated to Jodie Tselepy

03 May 2009

It Dawned On Me

Swirling light misting ground and turning trees to shade,
A mantle of sky that fell to the world and broke the night,
Colours awakening, yawning and stretching fingers,
Dark shadows retreating behind form and flower,
Chill moist air is battled by the advancing warmth
And tries to linger in the grass....
Sound wanders over the land, broken and vague,
To become solid and heartfelt, no longer hesitant,
Small bright eyes follow the patterns of light,
Seeking quick shadows, stealthy patrons of beneath,
And the earth sends forth her scent, the breath of the day....

oh man, it's morning already?

23 April 2009

Suburb in Hell

Hurtling through the aisles,
She smashed her way through amazed stares
Open-mouthed, they goggled
As her hair streamed from her face,
Teeth bared and arms outstretched,
Pounding steps that fought the floor,
She closed upon her prey,
A fistful of the hoody black,
Through clenched teeth, she hissed
'Give me my bloody trolley back!'

16 April 2009


Polish the membrane, lean on the right brain,
Here we go here we go here we go....
Push the lush, press your luck,
Make a mark, start a star, hold you up..
Tunnel vision, it's a fusion
Of the intellect and imagination,
Borrow nothing, steal it all
From the mind you have behind that social wall
Fresh and fierce, you can pierce
Liberated, not frustrated, in control, here we go...

And I still have creative block... oh man....

09 April 2009

Shiny Thing

Oh shiny thing you catch my eye, like a cosmic firefly,
The light reflects and breaks within you,
Reaches past and through, continues
Journey's end inside my mind, little thing of desire
Hypnotised and awed, I watch,
You bring to me the smallest touch
Of wonder
I am no longer here, but in the fragments of the rainbow,
And staring at a speck of dust.

Such marvels in the smallest of truths.

06 April 2009

Great Dilemmas

Bring the wine, and hold the cheese -
This is no day for merriment;
I hold the grey skies close to the horizon
And wish the sun to set to gloom;
The rain and sleet to hammer ground
For muddy puddles to be born,
And the cold to gather in the bones.

I have run out of chocolate again....

30 March 2009

The Right Piece of Music

An empty beat, like a broken drum,
Weaving its lazy way through the air,
Limping and careening about the atmosphere,
Till it breaks, then silence....
Hit the bass line, bring it back,
Make my heart beat, make my foot tap,
Got the movement, feel the life lift
Pumping sweat and playing the riff,
Lean and easy, swing into the rhythm
Rips through with teeth
Releases grief
Breaks the inertia, momentum given....

And now I can get back to what I was doing....

29 March 2009

Keeping A Straight Face

It's difficult when you have an ironic sense of humour - because no one ever knows when you're being serious! Online, this is even more of an issue, given the lack of inflection and tone that can only be described by using the punctuation available on the keyboard....

....not to mention that I have a tendency to not use such punctuation....


Previously I kept this blog for a private sharing with friends, and now I open it to the public. This is an extension of the zeddess blog in a sense.. Here I post thoughts, poems, observation, whatever. This is to share the kind of thinking that goes on behind the creative life - some of it is absurd, some of it serious, but then, you can't be creative if you keep your mind closed..... mind you, leave it too open and things will fall out. '
Feel free to leave your comments; it's all about expression.
Welcome to zed cafe.

14 March 2009

Liberation of the Hamster

Devotee of things of cheese;
It compels me to put forth to thee,
That shouldst thou come to the end of the maze,
That it not be the end of thy days;
Nay, the trivialities of such obstructions
Pale in comparison to the utter brilliance of thy construction -
The very ability to turn around, and go another way....

06 March 2009

Membrane of the Stolen Mind

The inner roads of the human psyche,
Passion blonde and without beat,
Daft and mindless, deaf and heartless
Cannot hear the words it speaks...
Brainless rambling without point,
Solid stumbling through a broken veil,
Unwilling, unable, to measure the moment,
Making noise to cover incompetence,
Shifting motion to distract and confuse,
Aimless remarks that do not amuse,
Attack and retreat, the animal flounders,
The sentient being that never was,
Attempting to present as more,
Insincere and openly wounded,
Gazing out at all who would see -
Punished by only the ulterior motives,
Lust, jealousy, gluttony and greed.

22 February 2009

And some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost...

Pull out a memory from a sleeping bag;
It was no great divinity, only infinity,
But those lesser in mind and heart pursued
Its closeting, to bring
The walls of life closer together -
Don't remember, they cry,
Forget the past and what it has given you.
Yet all great victories and triumphs are found
In the remembrance of the strength and courage discovered;
Inner immortals embrace their history,
That they may live to fight another day,
And yet another indifference to the deeds of their time.
All warriors know their roads.
It is the battles of others we stop to fight along the way.

16 February 2009

Pathos of the Inner Child

I could go and run in a field of green
Or climb an ancient tree.
Find life beneath a muddy rock
Or guppies in a stream.
I could fly a kite, or build a fort,
With soldiers made of sticks,
I could sing out loud of grasshoppers
While to the park I skip.
But no, I seek the darkened corners
Of my little house
With my wireless keyboard,
And my wireless little mouse......

08 February 2009

Under The Moon

Blessed and holy orb, you shine silver light onto my table,
And as I am able,
I give thanks for your magic, the transmutation
Of Darkness into Life.
And at your fullest, when you ride high in the night,
And the gravity of your girth assails the earth,
I am your sacred lunatic.

Now if I could only find a way out of this padded room....

19 January 2009

Such dilemmas we face....

What magical mystery tour is this?
An essential entity of my existence
Has vanished from my perceptual experience,
And woe, I cannot divine its molecular and particulate presence....
dammit, where's my other sock?

17 January 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Rythym pounds and the drums afflict the senses,
Cold darkncss pierced by shattering light
That roams the gloom, instills the motion
The motivations, the stimulations,
And blood burns in the veins.
Each soulful pain is brought to bear,
The force of the battle brought to the field of play,
And sweat springs forth upon the brow,
To drench the hair, blind the eyes,
Each stamping foot, each zero
Described by whirling limbs,
A passion born of the need to purge burdens,
Transform woes and
Remain undefeated....
And tears of joy are shed in the broken moments,
As the war on the dancefloor is won.

09 January 2009

Ode to my Pencil

Oh pencil, my pencil, how thou enthrall me,

When weakened by fear and doubt, thou art my lance, my wand, my sword -

From thee, the many magics of worlds unseen spring forth within my hand,

And the doors and gates open,

The majesty of the universe abounds,

And in shades of grey, colours of the rainbow, and all nature's gifts,

We two are ensconced in the holiest communion.

Oh pencil, thou art my greatest ally -

For without thee, my life would be a sad and lonely place,

Mournful, and apathetic, that life should be so disgracefully displaced

By a ballpoint pen.