19 January 2009

Such dilemmas we face....

What magical mystery tour is this?
An essential entity of my existence
Has vanished from my perceptual experience,
And woe, I cannot divine its molecular and particulate presence....
dammit, where's my other sock?

17 January 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Rythym pounds and the drums afflict the senses,
Cold darkncss pierced by shattering light
That roams the gloom, instills the motion
The motivations, the stimulations,
And blood burns in the veins.
Each soulful pain is brought to bear,
The force of the battle brought to the field of play,
And sweat springs forth upon the brow,
To drench the hair, blind the eyes,
Each stamping foot, each zero
Described by whirling limbs,
A passion born of the need to purge burdens,
Transform woes and
Remain undefeated....
And tears of joy are shed in the broken moments,
As the war on the dancefloor is won.

09 January 2009

Ode to my Pencil

Oh pencil, my pencil, how thou enthrall me,

When weakened by fear and doubt, thou art my lance, my wand, my sword -

From thee, the many magics of worlds unseen spring forth within my hand,

And the doors and gates open,

The majesty of the universe abounds,

And in shades of grey, colours of the rainbow, and all nature's gifts,

We two are ensconced in the holiest communion.

Oh pencil, thou art my greatest ally -

For without thee, my life would be a sad and lonely place,

Mournful, and apathetic, that life should be so disgracefully displaced

By a ballpoint pen.