22 February 2009

And some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost...

Pull out a memory from a sleeping bag;
It was no great divinity, only infinity,
But those lesser in mind and heart pursued
Its closeting, to bring
The walls of life closer together -
Don't remember, they cry,
Forget the past and what it has given you.
Yet all great victories and triumphs are found
In the remembrance of the strength and courage discovered;
Inner immortals embrace their history,
That they may live to fight another day,
And yet another indifference to the deeds of their time.
All warriors know their roads.
It is the battles of others we stop to fight along the way.

16 February 2009

Pathos of the Inner Child

I could go and run in a field of green
Or climb an ancient tree.
Find life beneath a muddy rock
Or guppies in a stream.
I could fly a kite, or build a fort,
With soldiers made of sticks,
I could sing out loud of grasshoppers
While to the park I skip.
But no, I seek the darkened corners
Of my little house
With my wireless keyboard,
And my wireless little mouse......

08 February 2009

Under The Moon

Blessed and holy orb, you shine silver light onto my table,
And as I am able,
I give thanks for your magic, the transmutation
Of Darkness into Life.
And at your fullest, when you ride high in the night,
And the gravity of your girth assails the earth,
I am your sacred lunatic.

Now if I could only find a way out of this padded room....