30 March 2009

The Right Piece of Music

An empty beat, like a broken drum,
Weaving its lazy way through the air,
Limping and careening about the atmosphere,
Till it breaks, then silence....
Hit the bass line, bring it back,
Make my heart beat, make my foot tap,
Got the movement, feel the life lift
Pumping sweat and playing the riff,
Lean and easy, swing into the rhythm
Rips through with teeth
Releases grief
Breaks the inertia, momentum given....

And now I can get back to what I was doing....

29 March 2009

Keeping A Straight Face

It's difficult when you have an ironic sense of humour - because no one ever knows when you're being serious! Online, this is even more of an issue, given the lack of inflection and tone that can only be described by using the punctuation available on the keyboard....

....not to mention that I have a tendency to not use such punctuation....


Previously I kept this blog for a private sharing with friends, and now I open it to the public. This is an extension of the zeddess blog in a sense.. Here I post thoughts, poems, observation, whatever. This is to share the kind of thinking that goes on behind the creative life - some of it is absurd, some of it serious, but then, you can't be creative if you keep your mind closed..... mind you, leave it too open and things will fall out. '
Feel free to leave your comments; it's all about expression.
Welcome to zed cafe.

14 March 2009

Liberation of the Hamster

Devotee of things of cheese;
It compels me to put forth to thee,
That shouldst thou come to the end of the maze,
That it not be the end of thy days;
Nay, the trivialities of such obstructions
Pale in comparison to the utter brilliance of thy construction -
The very ability to turn around, and go another way....

06 March 2009

Membrane of the Stolen Mind

The inner roads of the human psyche,
Passion blonde and without beat,
Daft and mindless, deaf and heartless
Cannot hear the words it speaks...
Brainless rambling without point,
Solid stumbling through a broken veil,
Unwilling, unable, to measure the moment,
Making noise to cover incompetence,
Shifting motion to distract and confuse,
Aimless remarks that do not amuse,
Attack and retreat, the animal flounders,
The sentient being that never was,
Attempting to present as more,
Insincere and openly wounded,
Gazing out at all who would see -
Punished by only the ulterior motives,
Lust, jealousy, gluttony and greed.