23 April 2009

Suburb in Hell

Hurtling through the aisles,
She smashed her way through amazed stares
Open-mouthed, they goggled
As her hair streamed from her face,
Teeth bared and arms outstretched,
Pounding steps that fought the floor,
She closed upon her prey,
A fistful of the hoody black,
Through clenched teeth, she hissed
'Give me my bloody trolley back!'

16 April 2009


Polish the membrane, lean on the right brain,
Here we go here we go here we go....
Push the lush, press your luck,
Make a mark, start a star, hold you up..
Tunnel vision, it's a fusion
Of the intellect and imagination,
Borrow nothing, steal it all
From the mind you have behind that social wall
Fresh and fierce, you can pierce
Liberated, not frustrated, in control, here we go...

And I still have creative block... oh man....

09 April 2009

Shiny Thing

Oh shiny thing you catch my eye, like a cosmic firefly,
The light reflects and breaks within you,
Reaches past and through, continues
Journey's end inside my mind, little thing of desire
Hypnotised and awed, I watch,
You bring to me the smallest touch
Of wonder
I am no longer here, but in the fragments of the rainbow,
And staring at a speck of dust.

Such marvels in the smallest of truths.

06 April 2009

Great Dilemmas

Bring the wine, and hold the cheese -
This is no day for merriment;
I hold the grey skies close to the horizon
And wish the sun to set to gloom;
The rain and sleet to hammer ground
For muddy puddles to be born,
And the cold to gather in the bones.

I have run out of chocolate again....