25 May 2009

Beyond My Control

Lover, sit before me where I can see your soul
Challenge me with saddened eyes,
Bend beneath your burdened mind
And hold before you the heart of the world.
Trick me with your broken chords,
Tie my thoughts with care and woe
And bring to my gaze the agony,
The chaos loose that I cannot end.
Trouble me with your hurt and
Clench the fists of my rage
For I would seek to destroy
That which could hurt you.
I would seek to destroy
That which would punish you.

Can I get you another coffee?

16 May 2009

Twilight At The Harbour

Violet covers the moon in an early sunset,
While grey begins to cover the sea,
And the white caps of the breakers
Are all that is left to show the waves.
Coarse sand shifts in the twilight
Where footprints led to the cliffs,
And a lone dog barks in the distance
As the ships slowly move into night....

Anyone know how to light this barbeque?

07 May 2009

A Little Ditty

To be sung to Barry Manilow's CopaCabana....

'Her name was Lola
She was a show cow,
With yellow flowers in her hair,
And a tail right down to there,
She could meringue,
And do the cha cha
While she tried to be a star,
She didn't see the coming car,

The car was red and black,
And Lola stared right back
There was a scream behind the wheel
As it drove off-track

In Wodonga, oh yes Wodonga,
Home of the biggest sa-le ya-rds
In the southern hemisphere,
In Wodonga, oh yes Wo-dong-a,
Music and mooing
Are so time consuming
In Wo-dong-aaaa
Don't be a cow......

Dedicated to Jodie Tselepy

03 May 2009

It Dawned On Me

Swirling light misting ground and turning trees to shade,
A mantle of sky that fell to the world and broke the night,
Colours awakening, yawning and stretching fingers,
Dark shadows retreating behind form and flower,
Chill moist air is battled by the advancing warmth
And tries to linger in the grass....
Sound wanders over the land, broken and vague,
To become solid and heartfelt, no longer hesitant,
Small bright eyes follow the patterns of light,
Seeking quick shadows, stealthy patrons of beneath,
And the earth sends forth her scent, the breath of the day....

oh man, it's morning already?