07 May 2009

A Little Ditty

To be sung to Barry Manilow's CopaCabana....

'Her name was Lola
She was a show cow,
With yellow flowers in her hair,
And a tail right down to there,
She could meringue,
And do the cha cha
While she tried to be a star,
She didn't see the coming car,

The car was red and black,
And Lola stared right back
There was a scream behind the wheel
As it drove off-track

In Wodonga, oh yes Wodonga,
Home of the biggest sa-le ya-rds
In the southern hemisphere,
In Wodonga, oh yes Wo-dong-a,
Music and mooing
Are so time consuming
In Wo-dong-aaaa
Don't be a cow......

Dedicated to Jodie Tselepy

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