16 May 2009

Twilight At The Harbour

Violet covers the moon in an early sunset,
While grey begins to cover the sea,
And the white caps of the breakers
Are all that is left to show the waves.
Coarse sand shifts in the twilight
Where footprints led to the cliffs,
And a lone dog barks in the distance
As the ships slowly move into night....

Anyone know how to light this barbeque?

1 comment:

  1. The sky was filled with a kaleadiscope of turquoise and mother-of-pearl light as the gigantic Saturn-like planet rose up on the horizon... The enormous rings quickly eclipsed the Gemini Red & Blue suns and the cobalt shadow revealed a million sparkling stars... resembling a King's fortune in diamonds spilled out upon a cape made of black velvet... We drank the last of a mango-like nectar from one of the towering flowers as we snuggled into each other's arms as we fell asleep under the stars... by the edge of the sea... as the gentle sounds of a nearby waterfall and waves on the shore lulled us into a deep sleep.........