11 June 2009

Remorse for My Loss

Pain, enduring heartache,
For that which was loved, is still loved
Is lost.
Memories and burdens of the past
Mingle in tears shed
Raining down on fragments and shards
Of my beloved,
A passion-filled bond, a union without measure
And in a moment, all has been broken.
Guilt strikes me like a blow,
And all that I revered
Now lies shattered at my feet.
In a time of complacency,
I broke faith with my love.
Where once my lips were touched
With a blessing, a scent that inflamed me,
All is now derision and blame,
All is now pieces and shame,
All is now ended.

And it was my favourite colour lipstick too...


  1. Haha you make me laugh! :)
    Great work!

  2. Wow, I really love it. Makes me wonna cry and laugh at the same time.
    Thanks darling!