29 July 2009

Beyond Time

Broken words lay scattered on the floor,
Shards of glass from the clock
Lay weeping by the door.
I opened the gate and swept all bare,
For there was no way out
With all that lying there.
Rain came and washed away the night.
I slept with heavy heart
Yet awoke with no regret.

A fresh page, unending lines,
This time the poem is all mine.
No hour leaves my sight again,
No minute wasted by the pen.
The book I write has truth for its spine
Bound and tempered beyond time,
And I shall rest here in its pages,
Without the sorrow of the ages.

Past and present are within.
Only the future begins again.

13 July 2009

My Wave

It's a big ocean.
As my wave carries me out to sea,
Away from the shore,
Away into the biggest blue,
I can hear the world turn to water.
Nothing but the restless tide,
Flowing in, flowing out.
Here, I am alone.
Without doubt or fear,
Without false hope or
Broken dreams.
Waves crest and roll around me,
Yet the wave I ride is my own.
Ebb and flow, I roll on with the ocean,
No need to remember,
No fear to lose again,
For here, I am as the water;

For home is where the heart is.

02 July 2009

I Need You

Close to me.
So close that I will know you.
Cover me.
I want to know a world inside of you.
Surround me.
That the infinite around me is of you.
Talk to me.
So the voice inside my mind is you.
Believe me.
I need you because I love all that is you.

I love thunderstorms.