08 December 2010

Nothing Personal

Allow the changes.
Things grow, shed, morph and transform
For only in movement will they continue.
The path is not yours; it is there for you.
The journey is in the mind
For it is the spirit that travels.

Forget perfection - you are not.
There is chaos in the order that must be,
But deconstruction is not creativity.
Choices made were not yours in entirety -
You are here. In reality.

The myth is written, and you swallow whole.
The lies are spoken, and you make yourself in their image.
The truth is broken into cliches and paradigms of virtue.
It is your illusion, for you to use.

Fairy tales are told and you listen
Made bold in your decision to be legend.
Scripts you write, but there is no one to rehearse them.
This is life, not the book of the world.
Words will fail you in the coming of the light.
Words that are not yours will never prove you right.

Nothing was ever personal. You just happened to be there.

04 December 2010

Lyrics - Against the Wall.

It isn't the moment left behind,
Or the memory within the mind,
It isn't the past, or what's been said,
It isn't the world inside my head.

I lean against the wall
Wondering if I can feel anything at all.
I smash against the stone,
Seeking more than flesh and bone,
Hoping to define more than the mind.

Each breath is waiting
Every second is anticipating
Each corner is relating to
Every possibility renewed.

I lean against the wall
Wondering if what I say means anything at all.
The shadows that I make
Don't seem like any action I can take,
Hoping to find more than just the sun.

In a straight line, just confusion,
In a circle, there's illusion,
In a square, there's retribution
In a spiral, evolution.

I lean against the wall,
Wondering if you know that I am here at all.
Do you see this world of mine
Or is everything in your own space and time?
Is that all you can find?

29 September 2010

Judgement - Mankind's Last Word

I am angry
Seeing apathy in motion,
An open sore and twisted ocean
False words on painted faces
Where economy erases
Suck your platitudes like lollies,
Revel in the constant follies
Your devotion to myth as science
Grates my cheese and self-reliance
I am whole, but you would eat me,
For it's not enough to cheat me
Shovel it, there's no denying
That you're busy seated crying
'Justify and tell me why'
While I break your mirror, death-defying...

Alter your illusion, save confusion
If I get tired, it's not diffusion,
I am the panic in your rose-glasses,
The absurdity, the farces -
Take a chance, get off the pony,
Before you judge yourself as phony,
This is life, not bloody Sony,
Stop marketing yourself to me
I don't buy unless I need.

Wag your finger, I'll wag my tail,
I don't tell people they are frail,
I don't cheer when someone falls,
I don't jeer at imperfection, your defection
Is your call.
Mind the stairs, I'll mind my business
There's enough inside the limits
To produce for me infinity,
Beyond the mind of the killing kind;
Generosity that's witless is as
Vicious as cruel ignorance -
Don't try to break me when I bend,
I'll only stand up and defend,
My right to be here to MY end.

As myself, I don't deny you life.
Confirming you is not my validation
It is the constipation of a world
Still seeking affirmation;
"Please me and be yourself"
I hear the shrieking child,
The cry of humanity gone wild,
The enlightenment of words that are not
Understood or heard.
Logic overridden by a mask of the unforbidden -
"Let go, be free, because I have given you permission."
Fix-it man with the can-do can of glue and twigs -
Fix what when nothing is broken?
Words are meaningless to be spoken
When they frame and limit and frustrate
The natural growth, the living token
Of a life.
Don't teach life through wisdom -
It's just a reflective prism,
Breaking light into colours,
Getting eyes to see wonder,
Be refracted, not reflected,
Be in awe of man's perspective -
Through it all, there will be judgement.

30 July 2010


Revelation of open air,
The body brought bare,
Surrounded in image
Buried alive
The sound of sight,
And all that makes light -
Could it blind one who breathes?
For mortal mind and wound are one
In the world's nest of rages,
Summoned by ages
Detail the cages
From which we emerge......

Zian Silverwolf.

10 June 2010

Revelation #4603

Broken face, I don't remember you.
Soft voice in darkness, you are gone.
Too many memories made without you
Too many days have passed alone.

Hollow mind, you didn't make me,
There was a soul here before you.
Hidden paths already taken,
Dances danced in many shoes.

Mirrored wall, I was mistaken.
Choices made beyond the veil.
But it is the tale of the forsaken
That is written all too well.

One hundred names, one hundred faces,
They are so different to my mind.
They walked away to different places,
I walked alone that I could find

There is no power in denial.
There is no fear when all is done.
There is no need to hear your voice now
You are gone, yet I have won.

12 April 2010

Loose Ends

I can embrace the madness,
And put away the sadness.
The story's always ending,
So I can stop pretending.

I'm here now,
I found how
To stop the fraying, keep from straying.
I held on
For too long
Still hesitating, always waiting, now I'm breaking....

I can give you everything you need,
But it's not in what I give that you receive.
Only what I take can make the difference
Leave you free to feel the love and go the distance.....

A life that's never-ending
And so I'm ever-mending.
I walk away from silence
To taste my inner violence.

A sharp blade
I won't fade
Away to nothing, see me standing here.
Still bleeding,
I'm feeding
On all I find inside my mind, he is my kind......

I can see the sun, in the wintertime,
I can see the rain, even when it shines,
I can see you, now that I'm no longer blind,
A poem for.....

I walk the path that I know
And chase away the rainbows.
The anger won't deny me
The danger still invites me.

I'm only,
Not lonely,
For there's still the moon and shadows of the night.
I'm restless
This mess is
An empty blanket, ripped and rank and I won't thank it.....

And the sun will keep on shining,
And I will still smell the roses,
And the music keeps on playing,
While the world goes through it's poses again.

That's what it's like, to find a friend.....
oh yeah.

copyright Zian Silverwolf. 2010

29 January 2010

In The Summer

Sky-born clouds paint day
As stars and moon paint night.
Rising sun at dawn breaks silence,
Falling dream is memory's flight.

Footsteps haunt corridors in sleep
Scented whisper of a name is the ghost.
Hollow laughter stalks shadows after midday,
Cluttered emptiness is left for the host.

Shaken soul awakes in the evening,
Matted hair and eyes filled with sweat.
Ripped from shallow nightmares distant,
Staggering from the echoes of regret.....

It's too hot to sleep.....