12 April 2010

Loose Ends

I can embrace the madness,
And put away the sadness.
The story's always ending,
So I can stop pretending.

I'm here now,
I found how
To stop the fraying, keep from straying.
I held on
For too long
Still hesitating, always waiting, now I'm breaking....

I can give you everything you need,
But it's not in what I give that you receive.
Only what I take can make the difference
Leave you free to feel the love and go the distance.....

A life that's never-ending
And so I'm ever-mending.
I walk away from silence
To taste my inner violence.

A sharp blade
I won't fade
Away to nothing, see me standing here.
Still bleeding,
I'm feeding
On all I find inside my mind, he is my kind......

I can see the sun, in the wintertime,
I can see the rain, even when it shines,
I can see you, now that I'm no longer blind,
A poem for.....

I walk the path that I know
And chase away the rainbows.
The anger won't deny me
The danger still invites me.

I'm only,
Not lonely,
For there's still the moon and shadows of the night.
I'm restless
This mess is
An empty blanket, ripped and rank and I won't thank it.....

And the sun will keep on shining,
And I will still smell the roses,
And the music keeps on playing,
While the world goes through it's poses again.

That's what it's like, to find a friend.....
oh yeah.

copyright Zian Silverwolf. 2010

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