29 September 2010

Judgement - Mankind's Last Word

I am angry
Seeing apathy in motion,
An open sore and twisted ocean
False words on painted faces
Where economy erases
Suck your platitudes like lollies,
Revel in the constant follies
Your devotion to myth as science
Grates my cheese and self-reliance
I am whole, but you would eat me,
For it's not enough to cheat me
Shovel it, there's no denying
That you're busy seated crying
'Justify and tell me why'
While I break your mirror, death-defying...

Alter your illusion, save confusion
If I get tired, it's not diffusion,
I am the panic in your rose-glasses,
The absurdity, the farces -
Take a chance, get off the pony,
Before you judge yourself as phony,
This is life, not bloody Sony,
Stop marketing yourself to me
I don't buy unless I need.

Wag your finger, I'll wag my tail,
I don't tell people they are frail,
I don't cheer when someone falls,
I don't jeer at imperfection, your defection
Is your call.
Mind the stairs, I'll mind my business
There's enough inside the limits
To produce for me infinity,
Beyond the mind of the killing kind;
Generosity that's witless is as
Vicious as cruel ignorance -
Don't try to break me when I bend,
I'll only stand up and defend,
My right to be here to MY end.

As myself, I don't deny you life.
Confirming you is not my validation
It is the constipation of a world
Still seeking affirmation;
"Please me and be yourself"
I hear the shrieking child,
The cry of humanity gone wild,
The enlightenment of words that are not
Understood or heard.
Logic overridden by a mask of the unforbidden -
"Let go, be free, because I have given you permission."
Fix-it man with the can-do can of glue and twigs -
Fix what when nothing is broken?
Words are meaningless to be spoken
When they frame and limit and frustrate
The natural growth, the living token
Of a life.
Don't teach life through wisdom -
It's just a reflective prism,
Breaking light into colours,
Getting eyes to see wonder,
Be refracted, not reflected,
Be in awe of man's perspective -
Through it all, there will be judgement.

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