04 December 2010

Lyrics - Against the Wall.

It isn't the moment left behind,
Or the memory within the mind,
It isn't the past, or what's been said,
It isn't the world inside my head.

I lean against the wall
Wondering if I can feel anything at all.
I smash against the stone,
Seeking more than flesh and bone,
Hoping to define more than the mind.

Each breath is waiting
Every second is anticipating
Each corner is relating to
Every possibility renewed.

I lean against the wall
Wondering if what I say means anything at all.
The shadows that I make
Don't seem like any action I can take,
Hoping to find more than just the sun.

In a straight line, just confusion,
In a circle, there's illusion,
In a square, there's retribution
In a spiral, evolution.

I lean against the wall,
Wondering if you know that I am here at all.
Do you see this world of mine
Or is everything in your own space and time?
Is that all you can find?

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