08 December 2010

Nothing Personal

Allow the changes.
Things grow, shed, morph and transform
For only in movement will they continue.
The path is not yours; it is there for you.
The journey is in the mind
For it is the spirit that travels.

Forget perfection - you are not.
There is chaos in the order that must be,
But deconstruction is not creativity.
Choices made were not yours in entirety -
You are here. In reality.

The myth is written, and you swallow whole.
The lies are spoken, and you make yourself in their image.
The truth is broken into cliches and paradigms of virtue.
It is your illusion, for you to use.

Fairy tales are told and you listen
Made bold in your decision to be legend.
Scripts you write, but there is no one to rehearse them.
This is life, not the book of the world.
Words will fail you in the coming of the light.
Words that are not yours will never prove you right.

Nothing was ever personal. You just happened to be there.

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