11 April 2011

Poor Little Mind

Were you homesick for a world of pain?
Lifted from misery to expand
And travel beyond the walls in your mind;
Was there burning in the sunlight?
Night shifted in shadows and rain
Brought the sound of notes into dawn;
Are you so elementary?
Subject to the mirth of the ignorant
The passions of the absurd and lonely;
Did they mean so much to you?
That bearing weight and shallow hope
Was richer than a life made by you?

Zian Silverwolf.

12 January 2011


Pulsating from images within,
I strike - the force of the blow
Breaks and shatters reality
And I am there, in the void....
Waiting to imagine.
A thousand dreams and nightmares
Await me on the threshold of another journey
And while I cram the total into my mind,
The hand watches, wavers, then wanders
Across the page, into the new world....

The waters break and there is a child renewed -
Not on the page, but in me,
Another vision given birth inside me
Only a shade of that truth brought to reality,
Crazed world of insanity -
A figure, a cartoon, a monster or god;
Only I see the metaphor,
Unless I can bring it to life, make it breathe,
Clean away the blood and tears,
Wipe away the doubt and fears,
Solidify the moment, life on ice -
It's never going to be enough,
It's never going to end.
Which means that I will be reborn,
Through every vision, again and again.