22 December 2012

Passage Of Time

Passage of time;
A lurid dream in a sphere;
Is as was will be
Past, present, future,
And me.

21 December 2012

Little Bug

Little bug, don't forgive me,
Because I do relate;
You came in from the rain
And here you met your fate.

Where it began in darkness,
It ended in blinding light;
You were better off where you started
In the puddles of the night.

But no, in seeking safety, light,
You crawled on stone and steel,
Out of the corner and into the open
To be crushed by an indifferent heel.

The life fled your heart,
The world ended in pain,
And your carcass was thrown
Back out into the rain.

It was nothing personal,
It was not about you.
You just happened to be
In the way of my shoe.

Or so I am told....

18 December 2012

Prisons and Chains

When prisons and chains that bind are removed
The lie is broken, truth revealed
And All is set free.
There is no more loss
Only the terrible awakening of purpose.
Illusions shattered and curses dissolved.
No more can lies conceal
For they are hollow
Just like the liar.

13 December 2012

Beginning With The Dawn

Beginning with the dawn
And sleep, sweet haunted sleep,
Where golden dust shines in
Stammering sunlight
Dunes shifting hands
In a wind-struck dance
Slithering grains move, as
Ghosts on a trail.
Written by history,
Scarred by fate.

But no feet touch the earth,
The oasis is gone.
Buried under time
Lost to a dream.
Where the heart once wondered,
Where the fortress fell,
There is only the dust
And a howling call.