12 December 2013

Poem For Him

It's in your eyes.
The words are said, but nothing is spoken. 
It is not fear, but longing, 
A longing to belong. 
The world around you speaks a broken tongue
And harbours its jealousy in rages and absolutes.
You are circled by the lonely, yet
It goes unseen that you are alone.
It's in your hands
The expression of the moment is a language
Not spoken
But played. Wrought. 
The emotion of a music yet to be made.
The words not spoken 
Live in the mere moments 
When your heart is in your eyes. 
When you are unveiled 
When you are trusting 
The brief seconds you are you to me
And then the pain returns 
And the light is gone.
Not from her eyes, but your own. 

30 October 2013

Blackbird's Song

Blackbird's song 
Took the night away
And stole the silence
At the wake of day.
All I heard was a spoken word
All I missed was the touch of a kiss
All I found was the warmth of a sound
Saying my name
Saying my name.... 

24 September 2013

I Have Felt Love

I have felt love;

When no one was there;
When no one was listening;
When no one could see me;
When no one knew me;
When no one needed me;
When no one wanted me;
When no one loved me;

and I was alone, wounded, bleeding,
And staring Death in the face. 
For it was not being loved that saved me
But my love for all else. 

11 July 2013

And I, the ever-weeping, endless sea
Did witness she knew deeper blues than me.... 

The Beginning and The End

Mass effect without heat
Rhythm beyond beat
Chanting downwards silently 
Without the words to speak.
Spears of light pierce memory
But darkness is the homily,
Bowed to kneel, the hazard blows,
Yet nothing breaks, nor twists, nor bleeds;
It separates to let the tempest through.
In the peace of being, bonds anew.
Each time recreated,
Each time wrought afresh
Till what remains are echoes
Of the beginning and the end.