07 January 2015

I Didn't

You spoke bitter words
I didn't hear the truth
You cried bitter tears 
I didn't wipe your eyes 
You drank bitter wine
I didn't ask for apology 
You turned your back on me
I didn't wave goodbye 
I didn't want to fix you
Because you weren't broken
I didn't want you here
Because I hunted you down
I didn't want to break you
So you would obey me
I didn't want you near
If you were afraid of me.

I didn't wait for years 
Just to burn your memory
I waited for years
To be sure I was everything
I gave my life to darkness
So that I could be light 
I gave my life to patience 
In the unforgiving night 
I didn't cry for you
For you were my something right
I only cried for me
To be mad enough to fight 

I didn't need correcting
Just your intelligence
I didn't need directing 
When I have common sense
I didn't need guidance
Just your logic and reason
But I don't need your words
When your love was but a season. 

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