15 May 2015

Walk On

Like a ghost in a memory 
Of a myth in a fairytale.
Being real
Takes acceptance
Yet the mind cannot adhere
To that which cannot be believed.
Loss is loss; we walk on
When the losses follow,
Peace stumbles and reels
And all that was solid
Drifts into mist
A haze that buries days 
Each morning a hollow account
Of time passing
Each sunset 
A final dirge till the next -
The loss of a childhood sister-in-arms,
The loss of the greatest companion
The loss of trust in a friend.
The loss of meaning when
A path that was so clear, so simple
Suddenly studded with sinkholes
Gaps in reason and love
Cracks in the earth
Wounds in the soul.
Yet we walk on,
For what is a path 
But where we must tread..... 

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